6 Web & Mobile app development ideas.

There are so many talented developers around the globe, why they all cant be their own boss? Yes, they lack the capacity of idea generation.

We thought of sharing few ideas which we believe there is an earning opportunity.

  • Equipment renting platform

Nowadays business models are changing. Uber is the biggest taxi service without owning any single car, aliexpress or amazon owns no single product, AirBnb is the biggest hotel service provider having no ownership of a hotel room. Likewise, there are so many intermediary services around us but if you check there is no such renting equipment platform. We believe this is a good opportunity for a developer to be success.

  • Product price comparison system

Buying a product is never easy with current competitive markets and involve so many comparisons. Quality, price, warranty and all other related things needs to be checked and which require a considerable amount of time.

Having a comprehensive price comparison system will help buyers to make decisions easily.

There are so many price comparison websites but still, there is a chance to be success if you select a niche.

  • Voice controlled purchasing system

eCommerce websites are getting highly popular with the outbreak of COVID-19 thanks to the concept of social distancing. However, don’t you think that these ordinary eCommerce websites are too much complex? Yes, with the vast collection of items its much harder to order what you need and get your cart filled.

The concept here we suggest is the voice command system which allows users to order items via voice which automatically picks the items they need with the prices. This system will require some advance coding stuff but there is a potential to be success as a modern way of purchasing.

  • Gym access control system

After doing some analysis on the market and few discussions had with some of the Gym owners we realized that there is no such simplified gym access control system in the market. There are few programs but all those are custom made and need a big amount of investment which might not be practical for small business.

  • Products sharing platform

 Sharing platforms are rare for Books, PlayStation games, Music, Movie CD etc. There is an opportunity for a developer to be successful if a comprehensive website can be developed for users to share items easily with some AI for automatic suggestions and referrals.