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Zoom App Data usage calculator
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Calculate the data usage of Zoom meeting app under different quality settings.

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Sri Lanka Import Duty Finder

Download Sri Lanka Import duty schedules easily with the Hscode.

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SVAT Registration Checker - RIS

Check Whether your supplier is registered for SVAT within seconds.

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Music Streaming Services - Data Usage

Check the data usage of Apple Music, Tidal, Gaana, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play & Pandora music streaming services.

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VAT Cancellation Finder - Sri Lanka

During 2019-December Sri Lanka Inaland Revenue Department cancelled around 50,000 VAT Registrations. This programe is designed to find-out inactive VAT Registrations.

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YouTube Data Usage
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This programme calculate the data usage of Youtube videos under different video qualities.

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NIC Validator
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Retrive information hidden inside the Sri Lanka National Identity Card

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Find your IP address
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Get your IP address from just one click.

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Netflix Data Usage
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Get the netflix data usage under different video qualities

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